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Annie’s Mailbox, 25 September 2014:

Dear Friends and Family: When I phone, it’s because I want to speak with you. If you would like to speak with me, please do the same. Do not attempt to carry on a conversation by texting. We can get the same results in a two-minute phone call as in a texting session that leaves things out and takes way too much time. I also have to wait for your response. And I wouldn’t dream of texting you back while I am driving. I would love to hear from you, so please call. If I don’t answer, leave a message. I will do the same for you. There may be times when texting is necessary, but I do not want that to be our principal means of communication. Annie, am I asking too much? — Dorothy

Dear Dorothy,

Thank you so much for this important letter, Dorothy. Your communication-challenged family and friends can really learn a thing or two about excellent interpersonal skills from you, a person who writes passive-aggressive screeds about text messages to internet advice columnists in hopes that someone reads it, recognizes themselves, and gives a shit. 

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Horror Movies: Bite-Sized Review Roundup

Conjurer (2008) wasn’t bad. Not great, but not bad. Plot seemed to take a while to pick up and it didn’t feel very tight as a story. The imagery was pretty scary, and I ended up having to turn on the lights to reassure myself - which hasn’t happened with a horror movie for a while so there’s that at least. Acting could have been better.
Quick plot summary: photographer and wife lose unborn baby, move out to country, creepy cabin at the edge of their yard, creepy kid hanging around, dude goes into cabin and touches vial full of ash and teeth, stuff starts happening, spooky history with the cabin, conflicts in the cabin story that are never really pointed out or resolved, descent into madness, dumbass twist at the end.

Dark Reel (2008) This movie I thought was kind of neat. It pokes fun at the direct-to-tv/video scary movies and is pretty conscious of the fact that it’s not very good - it just doesn’t really care. It opens with an actress back in the 50s is brutally murdered and cut up, then skip forward to present day with watery poor white dude trying to get back together with debutante ex-girlfriend and winning a walk-on roll with a company pretty dedicated to making direct-to-tv/video movies that he’s a fan of. Then a murderer starts slaughtering actresses and things get kind of ridiculous from there.
Most ridiculous is very attractive starlet of awful movies suddenly being interested in awkward watery dude after five minutes, despite there being literally nothing interesting about him. But whatever, murders keep happening and everyone is completely bizarre and it’s at least a neat, funny movie. Put it on for a bad horror movie Halloween marathon.

Fog Warning (2008) Okay, this was another movie that was kind of silly, but wasn’t aiming for that as much as Dark Reel was. I still really enjoyed it. A small town is plagued by murders that seem perpetrated by a vampire apparently? It didn’t establish this as well as it should have, instead opening with a car crash, dude stealing the driver’s wallet, planning rape the badly injured female passenger, then giving up in frustration when she up and dies. We don’t really reference this again other than setting up this guy’s personality. Owner of a comic book shop kidnaps a middle-aged woman and puts her in a cage in the attic where he’s house-sitting and is convinced that not only is she behind the vampire murders, but that she’s an actual vampire. He recruits psycho and psycho’s friend to help interrogate her about being a vampire. Things go pretty down hill from there. The next paragraph will have some spoilers, so let me say now that I recommend this movie at least to look at once. It’s not the greatest movie, but I still think it’s interesting and it’s at least different.
[SPOILERS] So this movie ends up with one of my favorite tropes: predator tries to catch someone, and ends up caught by a bigger predator. I adore that theme, and while this movie wasn’t exactly what I usually aim for that was still one of the strongest elements. I loved it even more that the woman took the young, somewhat mentally disabled little sister of psycho’s friend under her wing at the end and went traveling around with her.

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Benedict puts on a sweater, in what apparently has become an ongoing series of CalArts lecture tests featuring animals messing around with clothes! This one was fun to do!

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looking at homework and being like

I could be writing porn right now.

Filed under personal I desperately don't want to do this work someone please help me motivate me or something keep me company? I don't even know I've just been feeling so low lately even taking my meds it might be because I'm on my period or I might just be having a low moment either way I feel like complete shit I just want to lie down and do nothing but be quiet I have no motivation I'm so scared I'm going to fail all of my classes but I just don't want to do anything well this got a little out of hand whatever