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I have all MOST of the foundation cut out for my dollhouse! woo-hoo! And my hand didn’t fall off in protest! woo-hoo!!

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purplemika said: I just read the summaries online, and does Candyman 2 just… flat out ignore the ending of Candyman?

…Pretty much, yeah. I was really psyched for a movie about (SPOILERS) Helen being the new Candyman (Candywoman?) and running around killing people, and then it was more hook-dude creeping on white women and murdering all their friends. All aboard the fun train?

But yes, Candyman 2 seemed to completely ignore everything that happened in Candyman outside of a reference to the first movie in the first, oh, five minutes? So there’s that. The last movie in the trilogy continued the tradition of ignoring the one before it, so Candyman 3 completely ignored the ending of Candyman 2. There might have been references to the second movie but I really don’t remember them on top of the terrible acting and weird screaming - and black best friend dying yet again. Also more hook-dude creeping on great-something-granddaughter (also a white woman, blonde blue-eyed and conventionally attractive because originality is for suckers).

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mythoughtfulwindow123 answered: Tale of Two Sisters is a good Korean flick! Or maybeee Silence of the Lambs? It’s on netflix now!

I’ve seen Silence of the Lambs (I own it, actually) and it’s one of my favorites. :) I have not seen Tale of Two Sisters but I think it is on my watchlist. Unfortunately, I can’t watch things with subtitles while I’m working because I keep having to look up to read along with the dialogue (this is not to say I don’t like movies with subtitles, they’re just not great for working to)

sixelamarr answered: Feast ….Dead End…I have a few more, but Cant think of them at the moment

I have actually seen Dead End! It was a very interesting and very good movie. I have not seen Feast though I have tried to find it online before - thank you for reminding me of it, I will look for it now o3o

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this trailer i saw before Grand Budapest seems to be an actual feature-length film adaptation of those chain letters where an evil atheist professor is utterly destroyed by his pure and good christian student who may or may not be albert einstein or a us marine depending on your version of the email

i’m going to be straight with you: watch this trailer

this movie, as far as ive gathered from a cinemasnob review, is just an embarrasing propaganda film preaching to the quior of very very narrowminded hardcore christians
but yes, this trailer is incredible

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I feel really twitchy, panicked, and weird.

I’m going to get some food and see if that helps.

edit: food helped, am now burbly wurbly tired mmurple