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I don’t have a picture of it, and I wish to god I did. I was laughing too hard.

So in driving up towards Illinois today, we passed through a smallish mountain town and were at a stoplight. I looked over to the left and noticed a huge semicircle of pigeons on the roof of this building. I quickly called my family’s attention to it, and my dad noted that they were all facing and sort of gathered around this stuffed hawk, set on the roof to scare pigeons away.

A tool designed to frighten away pigeons had instead lured them closer, and they now worshipped it as a god.

Then we drove away and I didn’t get to take a picture.

Filed under animals I feel like it was more hilarious in person or maybe it was that point where everything was hilarious

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Meet Clyde…


I want everyone to step back and take a moment to think about this. Because this video is more than just a goat making weird noises: billions and billions of years have passed since life formed on Earth. Trillions of animal species have formed, evolved, and died out, branching off in different ways to give us finely honed predators like alligators and sharks, who reached a point where it wasn’t necessary to evolve anymore. As humans, we evolved from primitive primates into conscious, self-aware creatures. The animals and creatures that live today are the result of hundreds of generations of evolution, weeding out the undesirable traits into a being that can survive in its environment.

With that in mind, how the hell could evolution have failed so spectacularly that this derpy fucking thing now exists.

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Filed under animals I do think it's hilarious but it's also one of those moments where like this is a real creature this is a real living breathing animal billions of years of evolution went into this thing branches of similar creatures went extinct I don't understand the world anymore

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You guys remember this? LMAO


get it kiddo

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