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I ordered stuff from the Hark! A Vagrant store and got a mystery T-shirt that was on sale aaaaaaand

It’s a shirt for a thing I like! 8D (also it’s kind of a gray-green, I dunno why the colors look so radically different in the pictures). The cursive on the front says ‘and I fell in love instantly’.

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I don’t care what anyone says I really like the movie VHS because I dig little collections of campy horror stories and when something is only like ten minutes long I don’t feel offended if it’s not very good. Crappy horror shorts always delights me because I’m delighted by the effort. It’s like “Aw you tried so hard that’s precious gold star”

I liked VHS a lot better than VHS 2 - the shorts were just a better quality in the first one, and the second one was more zombie-demon possession tropes - I’d liked that the first one had more original horror.

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wolverine fisting you when suddenly

he has to go on another soul-searching origin story and you’re left blue-balled to hell but also completely unsurprised because this happens every goddamn time and you’re at the point where you’d rather he just let his claws out accidentally and kill you instead of go through this again what is it about that damn rugged mug that you keep letting him hurt you like this last time you promise yourself last time but as he motorcycles away you know in your heart you’ll let him in again

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Fuck It

There are some things I just don’t want to hear about anymore, and I’ll probably start blacklisting or unfollowing as I see fit. Feminism, racism, representation, media, body stuff, Marvel vs. DC, all this shit, I just can’t deal with it anymore. It’s important, it’s absolutely important, but I just can’t. It’s literally making me feel sick to see it everywhere and have to think about it all the time. If you can’t give me something to physically do, to show an actual, tangible improvement, then I can’t look at it.

I’ll keep these issues in mind in my writing in my life and my choices, but I don’t want to see anymore about it. I want my dash to be full of puppies and kittens and cute animals and positivity in fandoms and fanart and happy endings for everyone so I don’t have to worry incessantly over everything when I just want to get away and calm down.

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